Meg Rollandi a powerful woman who has been working as a Performance Designer (set, costume, AV and spatial) over the past 10 years in Aotearoa. Meg’s conceptual brain is like no other pushing the way we see and feel visual elements on stage. Meg success is shown through her ambitious works such as WATCH the 2014 STAB commission. Which saw Meg co-direct and design the visual elements and take home Set Designer of the year at 2014 Theatre Awards. Meg is passionate about teaching, she is currently a Lecturer in Spatial Design at Massey University School of Design. Where she continues to nurture her students to be the best they can be.

Meg’s AV, Costume and Set design for Force Field (with lighting design by Marcus McShane)

In 2016 Meg began to collaborate with director Isobel MacKinnon which has seen these women make waves in the NZ theatre community, this year securing the 2018 STAB commission alongside renowned NZ Play write Sam Brooks. This dynamic partnership has empowered both Meg and Isobel to continue to ensure strong female voices are present in theatre. As both of these artists continue to forge a path for other young women practitioners to find their way. Working with Duncan on his solo has meant that a feminist mindset has been central to the making of the work to ensure the representation of women is four-dimensional. Making sure Force Field is not just another show about a guy finding love, that the female voice and energy in the work is true and equal.

Meg’s design for No Post on Sunday (with lighting design by Owen McCarthy).

Shows with Everybody Cool Lives Here
No Post on Sunday – Performance Design (Set & Costume)
Force Field – Performance Design (AV, Set & Costume)