Welcome aboard Active Airlines!

Made under the guidance of Wellington theatre-makers in collaboration with Active, a vocational service for youth with learning difficulties. Wake Up Tomorrow was created from the minds of these incredible young people.

Audiences will be transported from the mundane moments on a long haul flight to bizarre and hilarious scenarios. This compelling, surreal, and funny script had been devised and created by these young people at every stage.

Please fasten your seatbelts, make sure you are in the upright position and enjoy the journey. We may or may not arrive at the expected destination.

Wake Up Tomorrow (2015) won 6 New Zealand Fringe Festival awards including Best Director, Best Ensemble, Best Production Design, Best Performer, and Best Production.

An Active & Everybody Cool Lives Here production

Directed by Isobel MacKinnon


As part of of fundraising efforts towards the show we were overwhelmed by the many individuals that donated helping us to raise $6000 dollars through the Arts Foundation‘s crowdfunding platform Boosted.

Our fundraising video (below) tried to help locate our audience to the venue that they might have been unfamiliar with.



Duncan Armstrong – Michael Star
David Cree – Agent Hulkstyle
Jacob Dombroski – Troy Kingi
Axel Evans – Crepe, Rapalicious
Dominic Faherty – Co-Pilot
Tess Francis – Grandma Michelle
Adrian Gordon – Captain, Dictator
Oliver Gordon – Olaf Knovsky
Stevie Hancox-Monk (Mentor) – Nana Evangeline, Crepe
Simon Haren (Mentor) – Stephanie, Drummer, ‘The Boss’
Michael Hebenton (Mentor) – Customs Officer, Giles
Caitlin Pampalone – Grandma Nicki, Sharon
Janiece Pollock – Bella
Nick Smith – Amelia Thomas, Nicky Maylor
Jasmin Waetford – Grandma Betty, Angel of Death, Coach
Aidan Weekes (Mentor) – Geordie, Peasant, Terrance McMan
Kwame Williams-Accra – Spyfox
Danielle Lindsay, Catherine McBride, Shafiq Sos, Emily Thompson – Dancers


Rose Kirkup Set & Costume
Rowan Pierce Sound & A/V
James Kearney Lighting
Danielle Lindsay Choreography
Sherilee Kahui (Original Devising Director) Performance and AV Coaching


Airline hosts:

Megan Baker, Adrian Buckland, Kate Dovey, Dominic Faherty, Adrian Gordon, Tessa Haanen, Elizabeth Parkington, Julie Sarros, Emily Young


Active Props Construction/ Marketing:

Dave Cree, Kate Dovey, Joshua Drakeford, Dominic Faherty, Adrian Gordon, Tessa Haanen, Alastair Hutchinson, Catherine McBride,  Luke Miller, Elizabeth Parkington, Shafiq Sos, Nick Smith,  Kwame Williams-Accra, Liang Zhou.


Production Team

Produced by Everybody Cool Lives Here & Ali Kirkpatrick
Production/Stage Manager Lucie Camp
Pack-in Karena Latham, Rowan McShane, Simon Rayner
Publicity & Graphic Design Everybody Cool Lives Here

Circa House Manager Suzanne Blackburn
Circa Box Office Linda Wilson

Original devising team (2014): Duncan Armstrong, Lucie Camp, Natasha Claydon, David Cree, Jacob Dombroski, Axel Evans, Tess Francis, Dan Fraser, Adrian Gordon, Tessa Haanen, Stevie Hancox-Monk, Simon Haren, Michael Hebenton, Nicola Higman, Sherilee Kahui, Rose Kirkup, Nic Lane, Isobel Mackinnon, James McKinnon, Catherine McBride, Caitlin Pamplone, Rowan Pierce, Janiece Pollock, Nick Smith, Zain Smith, Shafiq Sos, Jasmin Waetford, Aidan Weekes, Kwame Williams-Accra.

RIP ZAIN SMITH – the original Major of CrazyTown.


2014 Season

26 – 29 March, 2014
The Basement Theatre,
Te Whaea: National Dance & Drama Centre
11 Hutchison Road, Newtown, Wellington

“In work of this kind there is always a delicate balance to be held between presenting a polished product at the same time as allowing for a playful improvised quality to emerge that allows the actors to perform to their strengths. This was very evident in the final few scenes …”

Madeline McNamara


“There’s a sense of mischief and of joy throughout this production; the cast throw themselves into their roles with a level of commitment that any actor would do well to aspire to.”

Jarrod Baker, Word On The Street


DAVID CREE – Chef Cookie Camsey / Car driver
AXEL EVANS – Diva / Skips
TESS FRANCIS – Old Lady / Lovely Assistant / Queen Mother
ADRIAN GORDON – Pilot (voice over) / Mayor of Behave Town
MICHAEL HEBENTON – Chicken / Diva / Shop Customer
NIC LANE – Security / Megaphone Head
CATHERINE MCBRIDE – Diva / Timaru Goat
CAITLIN PAMPLONE – Chicken / Shop Girl (Sarah)
JANIECE POLLOCK – Chicken / Autocue / Shop Customer
NICK SMITH – Fish /Amelia Thomas / Nicky Maylor
SHAFIQ SOS – Opening ceremony cameo
AIDAN WEEKES – Fish / Director/ Shop Girl / Commentator
KWAME  WILLIAMS – Diva / Spy Fox / Olympian



LUCIE CAMP – Production & Stage Manager
SHERILEE KAHUI – Director & Co-producer
ROSE KIRKUP – Production Designer & Active Coordinator
STACI KNOX – Lighting Designer & Operator
NIC LANE – Co-producer
ROWAN PIERCE – Graphic Designer / Sound Designer & Operator
JIMMY SUTCLIFFE – Costume & Props Maker
NELL WILLIAMS – Costume & Props Maker