Unflattering Smock

We invite you to be a part of the first public reading of Unflattering Smock the story of the New Zealand caregiver.

Welcome to Sunnyvale Rest home and Hospital where we find six wahine from very different backgrounds working together like a well oiled machine. Step inside the life of the caregiver – the gossip, the grind, the drama. Life on the floor of Sunnyvale has its ups and downs, but the sisterhood always remains.

Written by Rose Kirkup who spent eight years working in rest homes through out the Hutt Valley and Wellington. Unflattering Smock is her love letter to the women and men in Aotearoa. Who sacrifice aspects of their lives to care for our loved ones, in one of life’s most vulnerable times.


Public Script Readings:

Koha / Pay what you like.

28 September 2018
Hannah Playhouse,
12 Cambridge Terrace, Te Aro

29 September 2018
Upper Hutt Primary School
49 Martin St, Wallaceville, Upper Hutt

Running Time: Approx 90mins

I’m Attending…


Creative Team:

Writer: Rose Kirkup
Director: Erina Daniels


Anapela Polataivao
Tanea Heke
Moana Ete
Vanessa Kumar
Sarita So
Sophie Wright
Matt Loveranes
Jim Moriarty

Producer: Nic Lane & Rose Kirkup

Directed by Chris Ulutupu
Camera: Kevin Cartwright
Lighting: Owen Losefa McCarthy
Actors: Moana EteVanessa KumarSarita So

Production Design:
Production Design: Rowan Pierce & Owen McCarthy
Sound: Jason Wright

Script advise: Victor Rodger

Backing from:
Creative NZ, Wellington City Council, Playmarket NZ, Heidi Holbrook, BATS Theatre & Auckland Live.


 Proud to be a part of the Suffrage 125 national event programme.