Unflattering Smock

Rose worked within resthomes for nine years, and experienced the private and intimate moments shared between residents. Within that time she met many pacifica and filipino caregivers who were paid minimum wage to look after New Zealand’s older population. While it may not be part of their culture to outsource the care of elders, within NZ it is very much standard practise for some european families.

Rose is currently creating a work to celebrate the amazing individuals who care for a generation who collectively hold a vault of New Zealand history, by telling the workers stories.

Creative Team:

Writer: Rose Kirkup
Director: Erina Daniels

Producer: Nic Lane
AV Design: Rowan Pierce
Sound: Jason Wright
Actors: Moana EteVanessa KumarSarita So

Directed by Chris Ulutupu
Camera: Kevin Cartwright
Lighting: Owen Losefa McCarthy

With Support from:
Matt Loveranes, Sunny Tupu, & script advise from Victor Rodger.

Backing from:
Creative NZ, Wellington City Council, Playmarket NZ & Auckland Live.