Tasha’s from the Hutt, but this Kiwi chick is making it big in the city as an independent woman. Join Tasha as she overcomes personal struggle by harnessing the power of her best friend in the whole wide world… Beyoncé Knowles.

A night of laughter, tears and fierceness!

I AM…Tasha Fierce looks at what it’s like to be modern feminist as we follow Tasha’s journey to her independence, and how she deals with discrimination for being a strong woman within her male-driven world. We also get to meet Ali Hallows, Tasha’s Kelly Rowland but now ex-best friend. Through this relationship, the work will look at how these two women get swept up in drama and lose sight of what is important, their sisterhood.

Dust off your heels, get your Freakum Dress on and get ready to go full Beyonce!

Creative Team:

Writer/Performer: Rose Kirkup


BATS Theatre
28 March – 1 April 2017

Aratoi : Wairarapa Museum of Art and History
as part of: ART IS A LIVING THING : New Zealand Pacific Studio – 15 Years
14 January 2017

Basement Theatre, Auckland
15 – 19 November 2016

Inverlochy Art School, New Zealand Fringe Festival 2016
12 – 14 February 2016

DJ Sets

Tasha also moonlights as a DJ

Double Denim Launch Party, 2 September 2016
The Ghosts’ Soiree, 30 April 2016
Performance Arcade ART PARTY, 5 February 2016
Scratch Nacht 20 February 2016


Book DJ T-Fierce


2016 NZ Pacific Residency Award – New Zealand Fringe Festival

2014 Playmarket NZ Writers Retreat


I Am Tasha Fierce, is a solo Rose developed and first presented as part of Residence (2013).

In 2014, Rose was selected to attend the biannual Playmarket Retreat, where she was given the opportunity of no distractions for a week in order to further develop a work.


Whanau & Friends, Paige Bell, The Big Pic, Jamie Blackburn, Ben Bro, Lucie Camp, Michael Clark, Ben Clausen, Anne de Geus, Uther Dean, Moana Ete, Andrew Gunn, Stuart Hoar, Ali Kirkpatrick, Nic Lane, Salesi Le’ota, Ronnie Livingstone, Alex Lodge, Moreish Skincare, Murray Lynch, Owen McCarthy, Gavin McGibbon, NZ Fringe, Playmarket New Zealand, Daniel Pengelly, Meg Rollandi, Julie Sarros, Sam Snedden, Naomi Spungen, Elise Sterbeck, Chris Ulutupu, Gabrielle Vincent, Adam von Penfold, Lydia Zanetti, Julie Zhu & …Beyoncé Knowles-Carter