Time has changed this house, from its beginnings as a grand residence, to a dwelling of anti-developers, and its current incarnation as an Art School.

This candlelit promenade performance will guide you through different worlds within Inverlochy House.

14-21 February 2013,
Inverlochy Art School, 144 Abel Smith St

Post – Mortality 101 (Written/Directed by Christopher Ulutupu)
Post – Mortality 101 Seminar is a playful look at what is in store for the afterlife. It all originated from a conversation Chris had with a friend, about what it would be like to be Casper the friendly ghost. This show is more an extension of that conversation.

Born in Porirua and raised in Nelson Chris moved to Wellington to study Performance Design at Massey and Toi Whakaari. Chris’s favourite areas of research are ideas about migration and travelling. Chris’s name is ‘Tulisi’ in Samoan, a name that means ‘tourist’. A mantra he lives by, travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new things.

I am…Tasha Fierce (Written/Starring Rose Kirkup)

I am…Tasha Fierce is the brainchild of Rose Kirkup. This short solo is an introduction to Tasha, a small town gurl who moves to the big smoke to live out her dreams as an independent woman. Guided by her passion and obsession for Beyonce Knowles, Tasha is super fierce and won’t let no one get in her way.

This work has been influenced by different events and characters from Rose’s life, as well as her passion and love of Beyonce. The intimate way in which it is presented allows the audience into some very personal and hilarious moments.

In the words of the Queen herself “Letting those around you see your flaws and your doubts doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human”- Beyonce


NO Laughing (Ben Bro A.K.A. Benny’s Videos)

NO food.
NO time.
NO life.
NO sex.
NO fun.
NO god.
NO love.
NO shit.

NO Laughing

Gisborne Sucks

(Filmed/Edited by Aidan Weekes)

Gisborne Sucks is a selection of footage that Aidan took in the early 2000’s when hanging out with his brother and his friends. Visiting him on the brakes I took from boarding school. In the time that’s passed since the footage was taken, new meanings have gathered around it for me. My objective is it for the video is to be a look at New Zealand boys and the way the express and struggle with the different things that on their minds.

Cooked to Perfection
(Written/Starring Nic Lane)

There currently seems to be a major surge in presenting gourmet cooking to the television nation. At the same time cooking sections within Op shops seem to be overrun with microwave cookbooks. What happened to the Beyond 2000 dream of kitchen wizardry? Nic attempts to bring back the magic, harnessing the kitchen’s number one helper to outdo thy neighbor.


Some kind of Epilogue (Matt Sullivan)

In Matt’s own words he is “New Zealand’s greatest export – Even more raging than milk.” While traveling the world playing piano, he often missed his loved ones, but never missed a note. Notes missed him. In 2005 he won the Dallas Solo Piano Competition. “If you don’t know already, Dallas is a huge city in America and has as many people as the entirety of New Zealand. It also has its own TV show.”

Richard Larsen (Photography)
Nic Lane (Print Design)