Everyday is Another Day Tomorrow was presented as part of Set. Departure (2009), a performance design promenade show.


Rose’s piece was created following conversations she had Irene Drew over a period Rose worked as a care worker in rest homes. Irene had been disabled from an early age which restricted her from engaging with the social dances of her time. Irene told Rose of the love of her life that got away, how a younger generation don’t understand what it meant to live back in her day and overcoming life everyday.

The performance looked at the awkward moments we share when first brought together. It featured the audiences surrounding the piece with with Rose and Nic dancing in the centre. Slowly the performers snowball the dance, engaging passive audience members to interact with each other and come together in beautiful akward moments.


“It’s easy to remember, but it’s not easy to explain… I mean people just don’t understand you know, they think you’re out of this world”


“turn it around 28, not 82, silly buggers”

Rose Kirkup
Nic Lane

Set. Departure (2009), Print Factory, Wellington.
Presenting Artists: Liz Carpenter, Rennee Dennison, Ian Hammond, Ashleigh Kane, Rose Kirkup, Richard Larsen, Rose Morrison, Rowan Pierce, Emma Ransley, Jessica Sanderson.

Thanks: Irene Drew, Stuart Foster, Cathryn Monro, Sam Trubridge.
Photos: Nina van der Voorn