Binge Culture Collective make performance that tests and subverts New Zealand culture. They always looking for ways to make the most of the live experience, and to create a vital role and place for their audience.


Everybody Cool Lives Here partnered with Simon Harren from Binge Culture transforming what had been Scratch Night, to Scratch Nacht.

“Scratch Nights are explorations into strange new performance territory, designed to give artists the opportunity to test out their riskier ideas in a high-risk, low-stakes environment. The audience get a rare chance to see performance at it’s most raw and unpredictable, they’re also encouraged to feedback to the artists and participate in the making process.”

By taking the event out of the black box and surrounding it with a party atmosphere, we continued to have the main stage model, supplementing it with live bands and other artists and audiences who exist outside theatres walls.

The intial Scratch Nacht won the 2015 NZ Fringe Festivals Innovative Concept award.


We have subsequently put on another one, Scratch Nacht: Fanta & Fairybread in association with the Big Live Arts Group celebrating BLAG becoming an incorporated society.

Featuring ART by…

Barbarian productions
Everybody Cool Live Here
Benny’s Video
Anya Tate Manning
Richard Larsen
Chris Ulutupu
Luke Scott
Zero Six Hundred
George Fenn
Simon Haren
Rose Cann
Jen McArthur
Claire Mepham
Polly Reardon